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2 hours drinking course 4000 yen for taste of Tosa Jiro also for a company banquet with a wide age group

By using a coupon4000 yen

tax included

  • 8items
  • 4-20persons
All-you-can-drink available

All you can drink beer, shochu, cocktail, shochu, plum wine, local sake, sake, soft drinks !!

Reservation deadline
Until 14 o'clock on the day of visit to the store
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

A luxurious course that can fully enjoy Tosa! Enjoy without questioning the age and of the sex! ♪ Enjoy cocktails in the drinks unlimited menu ♪ Please be sure to tell us when you wish to reserve ☆ Please contact us at the time of booking ☆ (In case you can not charl Yes

Course menu

※ If you wish to make a private reservation please be sure to tell us at the time of booking ☆ (In case you do not have a chance to charter it may not be available)

【One case】

◆ Seasonal fresh fish sashimi assorted

Assorted sashimi with fish that I think is the best in Kochi prefecture now!

◆ Tosa Jiro's skewer platter platter

Sakamoto Ryuma loved the chicken chicken "Tosa Jiro" with grilled chicken! You can taste the meat's taste directly

◆ Tosa Akashi Salt-grilled

Tosa red beef with attractive red meat ♪ ♪ Salt grill and condense the original meat of the meat!

◆ Chicken fried chicken delicious

Wrapped in a crisp clothing is a chicken chicken meat juice is unbearable like fried chicken.

Shrimp Mayo

Mayo fish love frogs regardless of males and females!

◆ Today's sushi

◆ Today's Kochi vegetable salad

Vegetables are also produced in Kochi Prefecture.I am delicious because I am buying seasonal delicious vegetables.

◆ Dessert

Seasonal fruits from Kochi prefecture ♪ It is refreshing after a meal

8 items including all

* There may be changes in the menu depending on the time.

※ + 500 yen for seafood hot pot or Tosa Jiro cooked in or chicken local chicken's hunting pans or kimchee pots etc

Can be with a pot!

※ If you have anything else you would like to drink in Shochu, feel free to consult a shopkeeper !!

※ "Tiny shop okonomiya, Ei farewell reception party · year-end party so that we can do

The thing that can be done is easy to do, secretary-san feel free to consult with ~ (Tosa dialect) From shopkeeper

All-you-can-drink menu

· Asahi draft beer
· Shochu high
· Yuzu / Lot / Giant Peak / Plum / Lime / Shikwasa / Mango / Calpis
· Madame Rose / Cassis Orange / Cassis Oolong / Cassis Soda / Peelon / Fazy Nieble / Moscow Mule / Screwdriver / Gin Tonic
· Shochu (Request OK)
· 【Potato] Kaoru of the West Sea / Satsuma Noodle / Platinum's Dark Black / Kiroku / Tomonoho Mountain / Kitcho Baoshan / White Kojin Mami / Black Kojin Masanoba / Tachibana 【Wheat】 Barley No / After Dreams / (If Only Sato's Wheat )
·Plum wine
· Plum inn / / Plum wine / Aoshani plum wine / Aged plum wine / Yamato plum wine (Old castle plum)
· Local sake · Sake
Tosa crane
·Soft drink
· Cola / Orange / Calpis / Mango / Oolong Tea

2018/11/07 update